It’s been a while! Yorkshire called……..

A-ha, there you are viewers. I’ve ignored this blog thing for too long. I also haven’t stuck any pictures of my bakings or wanderings on here either.I will get onto it, dear viewer,it’s not very exciting looking at my ramblings without picture proof.

But anyhow, I’ve been away from Castleton Farm for a few weeks, zig-zagging this wonderful country of ours.I’ll be back to those ovens shortly. How I love to make good things and see people enjoying those good things.
Since I last wrote on here, I headed off to my homeland of Yorkshire, that’s a real hotbed of great food (and drink!) production.London during the Olympics was also on the cards. I was able to navigate with real ease about London, every service & product I encountered worked well.Alas, I think so many people were scared away from this fantastic city at the thought of mad crowds. The reality was different. It was pleasant.No traffic jams.Not enough madness for me, I will be back. Never tired of London.

Back to Yorkshire. Castle Howard provided some much needed rest and relaxation, the grounds are stunning.England at its very best.Blue damsel flies darted in front of our path, vegetable gardens groaned with plump produce seemingly having enjoyed the ample rain weeks before. The Estate farm shop is a gem of a place. Old fashioned and good. My boys stood mesmerised watching the butchers deal with half pigs and half pigs brother(so the butcher told us…..)The banter between the men in the butchery was worth a comedy series of its own. Grand roasts, chops and sausages were made in front of their eyes.My son purchased a nice wedge of Yorkshire Fine Fettle cheese, very similar to Feta, which he enjoyed with a freshly baked bread roll from the estate.Just for him.He enjoyed the saltiness & creaminess. He is the worlds fussiest eater. What does that tell you about how good it was to him? It is vital that our children know the hard work that goes into producing great food.

We met 2 day old turkey chicks, curious and cute.We knew where their final destination would be.Most certainly arriving there by December the 25th.

Yorkshire is an outstanding county of great beauty, great people and great food.I need regular top-ups of this place.We, as a family, need regular top-ups. And the odd Yorkshire curd tart.

I’m off for a cup of Yorkshire tea.Seriously.That’s what I drink.Patriotic to the last drop………………

With love and scones

The Huss

I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m going to do it anyway……………………..

Right. With a little (ok,a lot) of help, I’m getting this blog on the road. It’ll be full of useless ramblings, cheap pictures and general insults. So if you’re looking for a quality read with culture, you’ve most certainly come to the wrong page.

I do like a bit of decent food, dear viewer.I love living in Scotland. I love the sea. I get into trouble quite a bit. And I enjoy a very good laugh indeed. Miserable gits will not enjoy my writing. Will I educate any of you? Quite possibly not, that is not the aim of my blog. I guess my aim is to inform and entertain, I think just that little bit differently about food.With a lot of love and most importantly CARE! But it has to be good. Enjoyable.Fun, yes, lots of fun comes into it.

I don’t jump on celebrity or culinary bandwagons. I go my own way. I’m proud to say that I am not a sheep, I cannot be put into a nice neat little category and labelled. I am not here to sell you anything or promote anyone.

So please forgive me dear viewer, as I stumble my way through this technological jungle. I am very much at home with a piece of dough and a wooden spoon, ooh, and a piping bag as well. I haven’t progressed to piping out my children’s breakfast yet, but I’m working on it. And no, I don’t sous vide coco pops and milk ……………..but I do toast five different ways.

Well, that’s it. First post done. Not very exciting, no pictures (I do take a decent photo, viewers) but if you were kind enough to read this useless diatribe, you could very well be in for a surprising treat in the coming weeks and months.

I’m going to get a cup of tea now. I suggest, dear viewers,that you fasten your seatbelts and wear crash helmets before attempting to log into my thoughts again in the future. The very best of British luck to you.

With love and scones

The Huss